Youth Programmes



This is the Youth Ministry programme put together by Jack Regan, Editor Emeritus of this site. It contains plans for 37 sessions, and media to help with those can be found on this site.

Since the update of the site the links in the PDF will not work, but you’ll be able to download the resource for free, and find all the extra materials on our thereeone page here.





Life In Christ

This is a DVD resource put together by Southwark Diocese that accompanies YouCat, the Youth Catechism. The videos are really excellent, all around 10 minutes and feature 26 leading thinkers and communicators on areas from reconciliation to life after death.

Archbishop Peter Smith praised the resource, saying “I think it is going to be an excellent resource for the diocese and further afield, especially to help young people understand their faith and to be able to explain it to others. This is exactly what Pope Francis has asked us to do – he talks about ‘evangelising’ not ‘proselytising’.”

You can find a trailer for it here, and find out how to order it here.


YCW – Young Christian Workers

YCW was set up by Cardinal Cardijn nearly 90 years ago, and their method continues to be a really good basis for groups of young people in schools, parishes or elsewhere. They have a lot of resources, and a national team who canĀ support you through the process of starting a group. Resources can be ordered on their website, and you can also contact them from there.



This is a resource book put together by some really great people in Youth Ministry, aimed specifically at those in parishes it gives advice, ideas and tips. If you’re wanting to do things in a parish with young people and are not sure quite where to start, get hold of a copy of this resource.






Plugged in – Youth Cafe

This resource has been around for many years now, but has been very popular over the years. It includes 6 sessions which come with videos that cover a range of topics and give pointers for discussion and interesting content to get conversation going. You can get the DVD’s, leaders packs, posters and drinks mats (!!) on their site, as well as watch a trailer to get an idea of what is included.





Youth SVP

Youth SVP groups exist all over the country, and they have a network of people able to support new groups. They have various its and bobs, and a video on their site, and more things available if you contact them. Their website is here.




Life Teen

Life Teen is a really big American Resource, and works on a subscription basis that might prove costly for some parishes. None the less, if you’re wanting to grow your project, it’s worth looking at. You can find out more about it here.