Prayer #6 – Letter to God

One simple idea which can really help young people to pray is to invite them to write a letter to God… Set an atmosphere, get them relaxed and quiet and give them pens and paper. Put some gentle background music on and invite them to write a letter to God. It can be about anything they want: Asking God something, telling him something, saying sorry for something… or just having a chat.Make sure you tell the young people that nobody will read the letter unless they chose to show it to somebody. It will be between them and God.Sometimes when young people are invited to pray freely on their own, it can be tough for them. for some, their minds will wonder easily, and for others they won”t know what to say. Inviting them to pray in letter format is great for this, because it makes it far easier (surprising, but true) to organise their thoughts and to actually say something.If it goes well, why not suggest to them that they start a prayer journal…?

CYW Team

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