Prayer #4 – Passing Round a Candle

This is one of the oldest tricks in the youth ministry playbook, and one of the best. It’s a great way to get young people praying.You will need a candle that can be passed round – preferably one in a jar. Sit the group in a circle and begin your time of prayer with the Sign of the Cross. Explain that you are going to pass the candle round the circle and that everybody is going to be holding it for a few moments. When each person has the candle they can say something if they want to. They can make a prayer or share a thought. Everybody else is invited to pray for the person who has the candle.Before the candle goes round, you can begin with a short piece of scripture or something else to set the tone if you want to.This is a great way to pray which nearly always works. It”s worth remembering that with groups of more than twenty, it can take quite a while though.[image hotlinked from Flickr user slgckgc]’, 0, 146

Editor Emeritus - Jack Regan

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