The Christian Teacher


Title: The Christian Teacher

Author: David O’Malley SDB

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From the publisher: Every teacher, working vocationally in the field of education, is looking for buried treasure. The teacher will unearth the strands of God s spirit that point to a loving presence at the heart of each person, hidden in relationships, and in the gifts of colleagues and pupils. In tantrums and in tragedies, in celebrations and shared silence, the same spirit of loving kindness will emerge,slipping in and out of the focus of our poor spiritual sight. Now we see only dimly what will later become obvious;we need to work with the faith that God is with us. In the vocation to teach, we need a deeper insight to see that it is well worth going the extra mile. This booklet is an attempt to sharpen the awareness of the teacher in recognising opportunities for loving kindness. It will help teachers to support colleagues. There are moments for gratitude and celebration scattered throughout each day, as teachers work with the young. This book is meant to be used to help evaluate that wider unspoken set of expectations that persist after the more measurable elements of teaching have been recorded and analysed.

  • 12th January 2015