Online youth poll for Scotland

Young people in Scotland have the opportunity to respond in an online survey to Pope Francis’ call to share their views with Bishops in advance of the 2018 Synod on Youth Faith and Vocational Discernment.

Like the England & Wales version, the Scottish online survey is open until 30th June, although the age range of 11-35 is wider.

Catholic Youth Service Scotland’s message to young people says “In 2018, Pope Francis and the Bishops of the world are going to gather and discuss YOU – they are going to be talking about what your life is like, the ways in which you engage with the Church and what you think of God’s plan for your life.”

Take the Scotland poll

In addition to their youth poll, the Bishops’ Conference England and Wales has created an additional online survey for those who regularly engage with young people, for example, youth workers, chaplains, parents, teachers etc.

Read more about the England & Wales polls

So, whether you’re in England & Wales or in Scotland, make sure you have your say by 30th June!



Clare Lewis