New programme to help secondary schools support student wellbeing

Quo Vadis, a new programme from Kenelm Youth Trust (KYT) aims to equip secondary schools to support the mental health and wellbeing of their students.

KYT will train and support school staff in delivering their 12-session Catholic mental health resource, and guiding students in using the accompanying journal, facilitate Mental Health First Aid training, and provide mentoring training for staff and peer mentors in schools.

Quo Vadis has been designed as ‘flexible grab and go resource’, which can fit the different circumstances and needs of each school. There is an option for parts of the programme to be delivered by using the Soli Outreach team, and as content and training can be delivered in person and remotely, KYT is confident the programme is ‘lockdown proof’.

As COVID-19 crisis developed and its impact on young people became more apparent, the KYT team and colleagues from other Catholic organisations spent most of the first UK-wide lockdown exploring ways to give young people back their confidence and hope, and look at how their anxieties can be addressed within a Catholic context. There is a fee for the programme, which aims to be as affordable for schools as possible.

Find out more about Quo Vadis on the Kenelm Youth Trust site.


Bob Gardner