National Youth Sunday: How Happy Are You?


National Youth Sunday is nearly upon us! The Bishops Conference has gone to town this year with some videos, resources and the communications that are planned on social media in the build up to NYS. This year it’s all around the theme ‘How Happy Are you?’, something that helps us focus on what really makes us happy and what truly fulfils us. NYS is on Sunday the 23rd of November, the feast of Christ the King. There is a breakdown of the resources below, but you can get them directly from the Bishops Conference site here.

What are you going to do this year? Let us know and share your ideas below!

What is NYS?
The Church in England and Wales designates the last Sunday of the year ‘National Youth Sunday’, a celebration of the vibrancy, richness and distinctive contribution of young people to our Church. It’s existed since the Bishops of England and Wales first instigated a National Youth Sunday in 1985, the same year World Youth Day was started by John Paul II!

What’s the theme all about?
Pope Francis has asked the Church to focus on the beatitudes in all Youth Sundays throughout the world in the run up to Rio 2016. There are so many messages about what makes us happy in modern culture, this message helps us to focus on what makes us happy in a deeper and fundamental way.

What resources are available?
Videos are available on the Bishops Conference Vimeo page, they have a dedicated page with all the Be Attitudes here
They have a suggested outline for assemblies in schools at the bottom of the page here
Posters, newsletter inserts, quotes, resource guides and more are avaliable here
And you can order postcards and be-attitude cards using the order form right at the bottom of the resource page (here)

What else is planned?
Keep an eye on the hashtag #HowHappy on twitter for blogs from organisations that work with young people, a Happiness Novena and the promise of more videos!

What else can I do?
Talk about the many gifts young people bring to the Church! Why not share things online using the hashtag #HowHappy?

[originally posted on the old site on the 21st of October]

Clare Lewis