Be Revolutionary: A New Confirmation Resource

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CAFOD has launched a new Confirmation resource inspired by Pope Francis.

Be Revolutionary is a response to Pope Francis’ call to young people at World Youth Day in 2013, when he encouraged them to “be revolutionaries” and to “swim against the tide”, to have a passion for justice and an understanding that our faith cannot be separated from a concern for our sisters and brothers around the world. The resource encourages young people to step up to this challenge and find out what they can do to work for justice.  

Be Revolutionary provides a series of adaptable activities and resources that can be integrated into existing Confirmation programmes. The resources use stories from CAFOD’s partners around the world to help groups explore concepts of justice, global inequality, and living out faith by taking Jesus as an example and making the poor and outcast a priority.

Sarah Barber, Youth Team Leader, said: “Our new Confirmation resource provides a fresh perspective on faith and social justice, and we hope it will inspire our young supporters, many of whom are already engaged in these issues, to get more involved and use their voices to fight injustice around the world as they enter a new stage in their faith.”

Be Revolutionary includes the following resources:

A Perfect World?: with a focus on Brazil, this resource helps young people explore the concepts of justice and injustice, and how we can restore our world to the perfection God intended. Includes a game and quote cards.

Faith in Action and the Holy Spirit: through eight stories from the Philippines and around the world, this resource explores the gifts of the Holy Spirit and how we can live out our faith.

The Revolutionary Service Challenge and Liturgy: Serving Others through Love: provides a format for putting our faith into action and includes a leaflet for young people, certificate and commissioning liturgy.

Global prayers: ten short ways to pray and reflect, inspired by CAFOD partners to help develop young people’s prayer life.

There are also a series of videos which can be used to support sessions.

Find out more and download the free resources from CAFOD’s website:

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