A call to share ideas in online conversations

A year on from the publication of Christus Vivit, Million Minutes is  inviting you to join conversations to explore how the Church can accompany young people in this time of sustained crisis, and into the changed future that will emerge. The online conversations over the coming weeks will enable everyone to contribute and discuss ideas.

CEO Danny Curtin says: “We consider how we can ensure young people have real accompaniment when we cannot do our normal youth work. How do we reach the most vulnerable and support them and their families? How do we share our faith and support the wellbeing of our young people? How do we ensure their voices are heard as the world considers the longer-term view? How do we ensure that young people are the means of “light and hope” that we know them to be?

“So, over the coming weeks we will be convening online discussions (and later, training) for those seeking to reach out and journey with young people. We need to innovate new approaches. We don’t have all the answers, but together we can work out some possible routes forward for the Church.

“It would be great to have your support and input during these new and challenging times.

“Register your interest now and we’ll work to find the right time for the online meet ups at: millionminutes.org/conversations. ”

Find out more at millionminutes

Bob Gardner