Prayer #2 – A bit more about time

In the first post in this series, we cautioned against falling into the trap of doing more and more of the things that don’t work. This is an important point, but it throws up a crucial question:How do you tell the difference between something not working, and something that hasn’t taken hold yet? There isn’t a simple answer to this. It takes judgment. Sometimes it takes a while for something to take hold with a group and you are glad that you stuck at it, but sometimes, things are just never going to catch on. One good example is silence and meditation. This almost never works at first, but once it does bed-in, everyone is glad that they stuck it out.I guess that there are two things worth sharing here:Firstly, if you”re trying something new, keep it short and simple. If young people don”t like a short and simple version of something after you”ve done it a few times, then it”s probably a hint that you need to do something else.Secondly, listen to the reactions. Compare them to reactions you”ve had to things you”ve done in the past. After a while, you”ll get the hang of it![image hotlinked from Flickr user Earls37a]

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