Podcast from Ireland talks about issues young people face

Are you among the growing audience for the YouthPod Ireland podcast? Set up and hosted by four youth workers from Bray, Co Wicklow, Adam Burke, Paul Tracey, Jamie Brierton and Michael Fleming, the podcast features lively chats on issues affecting young people, including mental health, drugs and alcohol education, that will resonate wherever you do your youth work.

Adam told us, “The podcast grew out of our observation that some of our best work was rooted in the strong, open and honest conversations that we had on a daily basis in our youth project. We aspired to reach a national and international audience and thankfully that is beginning to happen. Our guests are generally those that have worked with young people, can inspire young people or have come through their own adversity in their youth. We like to think that no topic is off limits and we try to have fun in recording the episodes, which is all done in our spare time.”


In their post-Christmas MiniFlash episode, the question of materialism is thrashed out, and another recent episode looks at how we can help people talk about their mental health, looking especially at the problems young (and older) men face in opening up about their feelings.


Give it a listen: www.youthpodireland.libsyn.com

Clare Lewis