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We are FIVE!!!

Today is a rather special day for Yes, that”s right, today is our 5th birthday. On March 20th 2007 (a date which we would like to think will forever be remembered in the history of Catholic Youth Ministry) a youth worker with frankly far too much time on his hands sat in his office in Cumbria and though ”Hmm… I wonder if anyone has registered the domain”They had not. So, like a coiled spring, he, err… sprang into action, registered a domain, got some free forum software and proceeded to Read more

Bishop Ambrose Griffiths OSB (1928-2011)


The last new topic to be posted on the old before we launched this site was a report on the death of Bishop Ambrose Griffiths OSB. Since he was the Bishop for Youth when started out in 2007, I really can’t think of a more fitting item to be that site’s swansong.

He was a much-loved and highly respected man, who did an absolutely massive amount for Youth ministry and for young people, both in Hexham & Newcastle Diocese and beyond. The following Short bio comes from CYMFed:
Born on 4 December 1928 in Twickenham, Greater London, he  was educated at Ampleforth College and at Balliol College, Oxford. He joined the monastic Community at Ampleforth in 1950, receiving the religious name of Ambrose, and was ordained to the priesthood on 21 July 1957. In April 1976 he was elected its fifth Abbot. At the end of his eight-year abbacy, Ambrose went to work as parish priest of St Mary, Leyland, where he stayed for eight years before being appointed Bishop of Hexham & Newcastle in 1992. For a number of years he was the “bishop for youth”, proving to be a great advocate and friend to many engaged in youth ministry with his youthful exuberance and elder wisdom. He retired as diocesan bishop in May 2005 and returned to the parish of St Mary, Leyland, where he became Assistant Priest.

In January 2011 Bishop Ambrose was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia and died on 14 June 2011. May he rest in peace.

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