England & Wales Youth Poll – deadline extended to 30th June!

The deadline for completing the England & Wales Mega Youth Poll has been extended to 30th June to enable more young people to have their say. This gives a few weeks of the next half term, for schools and youth groups to make this a project if they choose.

Young people (13-29) in England and Wales have the opportunity to tell the Church what they feel about their lives, faith and vocational discernment in an online poll. The information collected will contribute to the working instrument for the Synod scheduled for October 2018 in Rome.

As most of us know, in the lead-up to the Synod on Young People, the Faith and Vocational Discernment, Pope Francis has told young people the Church “wishes to listen to your voice, your sensitivities and your faith; even your doubts and your criticism. Make your voice heard, let it resonate in communities and let it be heard by your shepherds of souls.”

The online survey created by the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales will be now open until Monday 30th June 2017 to collect views, and should only take around 20 minutes to complete. See the video here

There is a different poll with the same deadline, seeking the views of anyone who is a parent, teacher, chaplain, youth worker or a priest who regularly engages with young people. Read all about it here.

Mega Youth Poll

Clare Lewis