Lourdes Sanctuary Development


Today work on the development of the Lourdes Sanctuary starts! It’ll take place over two years in the quieter winter months of 2014/15 & 2015/16.

You can find out more by having a look at this PDF file on the Lourdes website here
and if your French is good you have a look at this neat little mini site they have for the projects (with swish graphics!) here

I’ve translated (well, google has) the timeline of events (below) and if you want to see all the pictures of it that I can get hold of I’ve made a folder on our Facebook page: here

Phase 1 / inter-season / 2014-2015

  • Construction of a new removable bridge, the “Cave of the bridge,” less vulnerable to floods, between current roasters and pools.
  • Planting of the wooded area between the arches and the front of the Grotto.
  • Moving of roasters on the right bank of the Gave.
  • At the Grotto laying new flooring, furniture replacement and installation of a system of protection against flooding.

Phase 2 / inter-season / 2015-2016

  • Placing the place dedicated to water movement.
  • Comprehensive redevelopment of the waiting area to swimming pools and creating a canopy.
  • Installing the “Garden of Lights”, on the right bank of the Gave, opposite the new fountains.
  • Creating a second sacristy, in the current local of feutiers.

Clare Lewis