Fan the Flame #6 – YCW/ Impact

The Young Christian Workers are one of the oldest and best Catholic youth organisations in the UK. They offer a lot to Catholic youth groups. In fact, they offer an entire framework on which the group can run, and that”s why they are a great option for those who want to set up youth groups.

Impact Groups are the option for 13-17 year olds and YCW groups are for young adults. You can find details about both on their website. Here”s what their site says about YCW:Young adults meet together regularly with a Chaplain or an Adult Companion to review their lives. Using the famous method of See, Judge, Act, they really get to grips with the real situations they are facing, reflect on them in light of  gospel values and commit themselves to take action. Through this process of reflection and action the YCW helps form young people to grow in confidence and responsibility using their skills and talents to the full. They become ”leaders” in their own lives, making a positive contribution to society. 

CYW Team

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