Catholic overseas volunteering talking faith on the radio …

Talking Faith on Heavens road Catholic radio, Monday 12th June and ‘listen again’ if you miss it

In a forthcoming broadcast of Heaven’s Road Catholic radio’s Talking Faith programme, three members of the Lay Missionary Volunteer Network, a partnership of Catholic organisations sending volunteers overseas, talk to Lavoisier Fernandes.

Sharing their views and experience are Helen Granger (Assumption Missionaries), Anita Motha (Salesians of Don Bosco’s BOVA project) and James Trewby (Columban Missionaries).

Would you like to volunteer overseas serving the Catholic Church in its missions across the world? Could you really challenge yourself by taking that leap of faith, getting out of your comfort zone and sharing your gifts and skills in poor communities of the world? What is it that makes a person dedicate their time and effort volunteering overseas without expecting anything in return?
The broadcast goes on air on Heaven’s road Radio FM on Monday, 12th June at 0900/1500/2100/0300 GMT.
Tune in using smartphones, iPhone, iPad or tablets via the free app TuneIn Radio (search for heavens road FM catholic radio) or via the web
There is a LISTEN AGAIN option on the website if you miss any of the shows or are overseas.

Clare Lewis