Cardinal’s address to young Catholics for National Youth Sunday


In the lead-up to National Youth Sunday on the Feast of Christ the King, 24 November, Cardinal Vincent Nichols has sent a video message encouraging young people to feel a part of the Church, reminding them of their significance, and urging them to use their unique and valuable skills to be “digital disciples”, taking the Christian message into the modern world.

This year, preparations for National Youth Sunday have been led by the Catholic Youth Ministry Federation, (CYMFed), with youth ministers creating resources for use by other youth ministers, with the theme of “Significance”. The Cardinal’s message was filmed as one of a range of materials now available on the new website for use in four broad settings: parishes, schools, families and by individuals. See our resources section for more about this).

In the video, Cardinal Vincent reads a powerful passage from Christus Vivit, where Pope Francis writes, “For him, you have worth, you are not insignificant”, reminding young people that “God’s memory is not a hard disk that saves and archives all our data”, but one that “finds joy in deleting from us every trace of evil … Try to keep still for a moment and feel his love.”

In his closing comments, the Cardinal asked young people to think of these great words in the context of National Youth Sunday.

Resources on the NYS site so far include an act of worship for schools, and we hope that as many schools as possible can join together in prayer at 9:00am on Friday 22 November for a special NYS Act of Worship.

The CYMFed team will continue to add to the resources on the website before 24 November, so bookmark the site and follow @nationalyouthsunday on Instagram for updates. Please share your NYS plans and activities on social media, and use the hashtags #significance #ihavemymission #nys2019.
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Clare Lewis