Job Adverts for salaried posts £84*

NOTE: September 2019

I am on holiday from Friday 13 – Monday 23 September inclusive, and will not be able to place or amend adverts during that time. 



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Why Advertise With Us?

  • We are the largest Catholic Youth Ministry site on the internet.
  • In 2014 our site attracted between 5 and 11 thousand page views per month.
  • Jobs will be advertised on our social media feeds, the combined follower/like count of which come to nearly 50 thousand accounts.
  • In 2014 no publication advertised more UK youth ministry jobs than we did.
  • We’re frequently thanked by people who found their jobs through this site, people like Lydia: “Back in February, I began trying to find work in the Catholic youth sector and it was so difficult! But I typed ‘Catholic youth work’ randomly into Google and this website popped up. Later, a friend told me to look on the site, so it appeared to be the place to go to … Thank you CYW!”
  • The advert will appear on the jobs section of our front page and in our jobs page for 6 weeks (unless you would prefer to show it for less). Up to 5 jobs will be shown on the front page of the site at one time, but if there are more than 5 jobs on the site at one time only 5 may be displayed (but these will be shuffled and selected at random by the site each time the home page is opened, preference will always be given to paid ads over free voluntary ads).
  • This stream of revenue helps to support the mission of the site, to better resource and support those working with young people in the Church.
  • Payment is quick and easy through PayPal, or alternatively we can invoice before the advert is put live on our site.

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Placing An Advert

  • Click on the PayPal payment button below, pay through a PayPal account, or with any major credit or debit card and then send the word document/pdf/images (see below for details) and any attachments to confirming that you have already made the payment. The advert will be live within three days, but usually much less.
  • Alternatively we can invoice you for the £84 fee. Please be aware that due to repeated instances of non-payment by some Schools and Dioceses we do not put jobs live until we have received payment. To talk about this, please email
  • If you have any questions, please do get in contact with us at, or call the Salesian LInk office on 01204 600726.

Advert Format

  • The advert will be displayed as two images, one portrait image on the main advert page which should contain all the information and content of the job advertisement, the other on the homepage and job page which is a smaller landscape image used as a kind of excerpt.
  • The easiest way to place an advert would be to put all the information on a one sided A4 document and send this to us as a word, or a pdf document. We will use the top third of the page as the smaller landscape image.
  • Alternatively you can send us two images, one in the proportions of an A4 piece of paper (no smaller than 723×1024 pixels, it will show at approximately half the width of this site on a normal desktop computer) and a smaller landscape image (no smaller than 723×342 pixels, although please be aware that this will show up much smaller on the homepage, around a quarter of the width of the site so anything except header text may not be legible)
  • The advert may contain as many words as you’d like, but please be aware that text that is less than 15pt may be difficult to read. The main image will take up around half the width of this webpage.
  • Up to 4 attachments (this may be job specification, prospectus, newsletter etc.) which take up no more than 10mb in total.
  • We will display the job title, employing organisation name and salary in text next to the post, we can easily take this out of the job advert, but if this information isn’t present we will put that it is not specified unless you give us this information in addition to the job advert.

Other Information

  • We do still advertise voluntary posts for free, but please be aware that these may not always be put on the front page or shared on our social media pages as priority goes to the paid adverts.
  • It is possible to advertise more than one job within one job advert, but no more space will be allowed unless more than one advert is paid for.
  • We will advertise the job for 6 weeks, but if the application deadline comes before this time we will down. Should you not appoint please get in touch as we can help you re-advertise for the remainder of the 6 weeks that you have paid for.
  • Our address for payments is, Salesian Link, Thornleigh House, Sharples Park, Bolton, BL1 6PQ. Should you need to contact us urgently, you can call the main Salesian Link office on 01204 600726.

* Please be aware that the cost has recently increased because we are now subject to VAT at the normal rate of 20%.