Advent Resources Update 2016


We’ve updated our  round-up of the best resources we’ve found, and will keep adding to it as more are published, but if you’ve found something reat we’ve not mentioned, or would like to share your own resources, let us know!

To see all of our Advent Resources, do head to our Advent/Christmas resource page here.


  • The Nativity Factor: This is the winner from 2014, but there youtube channel also has lots of other great videos, will only be appropriate for older students. It’s a project set up to get young people involved in film making, and each year it comes together to specifically telling the nativity story.
  • Alt. Advent: There are 26 of these little videos which tell the Christmas story, including bits from the Old Testament. One for each day in Advent (plus two spare if my maths is right), or great to use in an advent calendar and sharing on social media. You could string them all together and do weekly digests?
  • Star News, Bethlehem: A really really great video telling part of the Christmas story in a news format. Well worth watching. They’ve also done another video one which is not a news show, but nice here
  • Digital Story of the Nativity/Social Networking Christmas: Two videos sharing the Christmas story in a very modern way! They’re both great for showing at the end of services or assemblies. They’re both great, but i prefer the first one!
  • Jesus and Santa: Nice little video looking at the ways Jesus and Santa are in one way very similar, but then in another way completely different.
  • Advent Conspiracy: This is a campaign started by some american churches, and this is it’s promo video. It’s a really nice way helping young people think about the real values of Christmas and put the consumerist nonsense into context.
  • Advent – Waiting: From OutSideDaBox, a reflective video about waiting.
  • Retooning the Nativity: This video, another by ignitermedia, looks again at the nativity. They make bags of videos, some of which are really good, including the Social Networking Christmas above and this one ‘He is Coming
  • Christmas in a Nutshell: Does what it says on the tin! Nice, short and funny video.
  • Bethlehemian Rhapsody: This one is a bit bonkers, and not great video quality but is very funny!
  • Angels We Have Heard On High: This is a music video from the band Sixpence Non The Richer for their sweet and gentle version of Angels We Have Heard On High. I think it’s a fab video and version of the song, in the past I’ve used a simple video editing programme to whack some words on over it which summed up the journey we’d been on over Advent.
  • Rowan Williams on Advent: This one’s for adults, volunteers, parishners, parents, staff or teachers. About 10 minutes of deep thinking about Advent communicated well as he does so well.
  • Fulton Sheen, The True Meaning of Christmas: This one’s for adults too. If you haven’t come across (soon to be Saint) Fulton Sheen you’ll likely think I’m a bit bonkers for sharing this, but if you can get past the 1950’s black and white video and listen to what he’s saying it’s really remarkable.
  • Advent, ‘Waiting For Jesus’: This video is from Dublin Diocese and really good! Thanks to JohnUK for this
  • What is Advent Again?: Nice little video from the De La Salle Brothers!
  • Busted Halo on Advent: Good stuff as usual from Busted Halo!
  • He Came: A little video from thrvemedia. Thanks to the team at Flame II for highlighting this one!


Advent Calendars


  • Waiting on a King: Advent Music – Spotify playlist from Lifeteen. I’m loving ‘O Come, O Come Emmanuel’ by Pentatonix
  • Advent & Christmas Swatch: An easy resource for prayers in groups or form time throughout Advent for ‘£10.50, from Don Bosco Publications.
  • Pray as you Go Advent Retreat: Great resource for staff from the Irish and British Jesuits
  • Travelling Nativity: Why not get young people to help host Mary and Joseph on their journey to Bethlehem by running a travelling nativity. Let them be invited to homes, or let them travel around classrooms through Lent and include some prayers to help everyone get involved.
  • rejesus: They have all kinds of things to do if you have access to computers.
  • Advent Buddies: Let Advent be a time for young people to grow in faith by linking with an adult in the Parish. This resource is from the states, so make sure you check things through with the person responsible for safeguarding.
  • Posters and Images: This is a great site with loads of nice nativity images, if you root through the site there are versions of most of these things that you can use for colouring in and even some that can help you learn to draw the characters.
  • Flatpack Nativity Figures: These templates (‘£3.50) turn into really funky and modern (though maybe a little square) nativity figures. If you don’t have loads of nativity sets lying around, this can be a great way for a group or class to have their own!
  • Jesse Tree: Create a Jesse Tree to help young people see the broader context around the Christmas story. There are some prayers Loyola Press have here.
  • Loyal Press Resources: Free resources with prayers and reflections from Loyola Press in the US. If you go back to the root menu you’ll find more advent bits and bobs.
  • Can you afford Christmas: Really interesting thing to do with groups reflecting on what we spend at Christmas – from @YCWImpact

Don’t forget to look at all our resources in our Advent/Christmas resources section here!

Clare Lewis