CYMFed National Catholic Award Scheme – resources launched


Launched in early February 2016, at the CYMFed National Leaders’ Congress, the Faith in Action Award Scheme acknowledges and celebrates young peoples’ involvement within our communities. The award encourages volunteering and offers points for reflection. The award is split into four different levels tailored to different age groups.

A set of resources is now available for the scheme. The product of a two-year collaboration between CYMFed member dioceses and organisations, the resources have been created for use by young people from age 11 to 18. The scheme is flexible enough to be adapted to local need and can be run in either a parish or a school setting.

Materials are provided to guide leaders as they help participants glue together what they learn about faith, their own personal experience and their response to the needs of the world in which they live.

Written by a group of youth ministers and chaplains from across the country, the scheme is adopted by CYMFed and has received many endorsements.

The resources can be purchased here

Clare Lewis