March 2018

What did young people say at the Pre-synodal meeting in Rome?

The final document produced from listening to young people at the pre-synodal meeting in Rome from 19th – 24th March 2018, was presented to Pope Francis on Palm Sunday, and has been published by the Vatican. The meeting was attended by more than 300 young people from all over the world, and a further 15,000 took part online through the Facebook groups set up for the event. It is a fascinating document, which gives the Bishops plenty of insight into the realities of life, faith and vocational discernment for young people today. You can read it in full here, but for now, here are a couple of extracts:


It is important at the outset to clarify the parameters of this document. It is neither to compose a theological treatise, nor is it to establish new Church teaching. Rather, it is a statement reflecting the specific realities, personalities, beliefs and experiences of the young people of the world. This document is destined for the Synodal Fathers. This is to give the Bishops a compass, pointing towards a clearer understanding of young people: a navigational aid for the upcoming Bishops’ Synod on “Young People, the Faith, and Vocational Discernment” in October 2018. It is important that these experiences be viewed and understood according to the various contexts in which young people are situated.

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Get your early-bird passes for Brightlights 2018!

Summer is just round the corner – honest! What better to get you thinking of those long, balmy evenings than planning your trip to Brightlights?


The Alton Castle event is on from 29th June – 1st July, with a line-up The 2018 line-up including One Hope Project, Guvna B and Written in Kings. There are a range of accommodation options, and day passes, with or without meals. Early bird passes are on offer until 6th April, and start at just £49 for a camping or castle dorm pass.

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Easter resources for younger children from the Bible Society

The Bible Society has a range of resources to use with children around Easter. The Seriously Surprising Story is a video of the disciples’ meeting with Jesus on the road to Emmaus. You can download it from the website , or play it on youTube. There is a booklet to accompany the film – minimum donation of £2 for a single copy, or £1 if ordering in bulk. Read more

16-29? Be part of #synod2018 on social media now!

From 19 – 24 March, around 300 young people representing the youth of the world are attending a Vatican meeting to set out the views of young people for #Synod 2018. Their input will be presented to the Pope on Palm Sunday, the 33rd World Youth Day.

The Holy Father wants as many young people as possible to be heard, so a team of young people working with the Vatican is encouraging everyone aged 16-29 to participate in these pre-synodal discussions by social media. Read more