February 2015

Pope Francis’ WYD 2015 Message


Below is the full text of Pope Francis’ World Youth Day Message! While we have National Youth Sunday on the feast of Christ the King, lots of other places in the world have it on Palm Sunday. The themes for last year, this year and next years are based on the beatitudes, have a read through for yourself.


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Lent/Easter Resources 2015


Can you believe that we’re so close to Lent…?! Each year it seems to creep up…! You can see all of the Easter and Lent resources here, but here is our roundup of the things that are new or still well worth checking out! Read more

Cardinal Nichols Encourages Schools to Attend Flame Congress

Below is the text of a letter sent by Cardinal Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster, to all Catholic Schools in England and Wales


I am writing to commend to you wholeheartedly Flame II, a gathering and celebration for young people to be held at Wembley Arena on 7 March, 2015. Read more