January 2015



This is a fantastic set of resources for Lent that introduce young people to silence as something valuable in their lives, and at the same time raises money for great projects that help marginalised young people a voice! There is a Ash Wednesday service, an assembly, posters and info sheets with all kinds of ideas on for different age ranges, find out more on their site here.

New Site Launched!


Welcome to the new site, launched on Saturday the 31st of January 2015, the feast day of St John Bosco!!

The site is a resource for everyone who is involved in working with young people in the Church. It offers a place for resources, jobs, a forum to share ideas and find support as well as somewhere to keep up to date with the latest youth ministry news and events. Read more

Education Sunday Resources

Roman Catholic Education Service - Roman catholic Education - Holy Cross School - Ramsgate - Thanet

Education Sunday now takes place in September, and the latest resources from the Catholic Education Service are on their website here. What are you doing about it? Ideas are being shared on our forum!

Young People: A Vocation for Justice & Peace


One reason I hear from young people for giving up on faith is that they can’t see the value in it. What’s the point of church if it’s just a weekly collective murmuring in a cold building once a week? Clearly it should be more than that; one important part of Mass is the ‘sending out’.

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CAFOD Climate & Lent Resources


CAFOD have some really great resources, some that focus on Lent, and others on their One Climate, One World campaign that focuses on climate change and how it has the biggest impact on poorest people in our world.

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Event: Spoken, Leeds


Youth2000 have an event for those over 16 happening in Leeds from the 13th – 15th of Feb, do you live near?! You can find out more here.


Pope Francis to Young People in the Philippines

[web-screenshort url=”http://en.radiovaticana.va/news/2015/01/18/pope_francis_meeting_with_young_people_in_manila/1118765″ width=”500″ height=”400″ alt=”Your alternate text will goes here”]Dear Young Friends,

When I speak spontaneously I do it in Spanish, because I don’t know the English language. May I do it? Thank you very much. This Fr Mark, a good translator. Read more

Christian Images


This is the kind of website I used to stumble upon, and then always regret I didn’t write down the website url…! Read more


Word On Fire has loads of videos, blogs and other resources. It’s an American non-profit organisation that works very closely with Bishop Robert Barron, and produced his Catholicism Series. You can find the site here.